Due to the social unrest in 2019, Hong Kong's economy suffered a major drop in visitors and their economy shrunk by 3.2%. Therefore in order to maintain the momentum and stay competitive, Cathay Pacific decided to focus the attention on Hong Kong being the best transit hub in Asia showcasing their global network, flexibility, flight frequency and connectivity.

The campaign - 'Connecting you effortlessly to the world' was centred around the fact that not only when you travel with Cathay Pacific but even when you transit through the Hong Kong airport, your journey is a seamless and effortless travel experience. Whether its the world-class lounges for you to kick back and relax before the next leg of your journey or the convenient transit timings carefully chosen for you to transit worry-free. It is all about having the best experience possible.
Since it was a widespread global campaign, we wanted to take a more targeted approach to reach our consumers effectively and create ads that would be served based on each person's travel search history on Google. 

Youtube Director Mix

Youtube Director Mix

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We also captured photographs of the transit experience and used it in our outdoor campaign. The authentic food experience, one-click check-in, world class lounges, the best connectivity for flights, convenient transit timings and last of all the specialised Cathay customer service to guide you through your journey.

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