Most business class advertising relied heavily on stereotypical tropes of corporate travel. But this hardly reflects the real needs of passengers who choose to fly business because of the stress-minimising experiences they stand to gain access to - and not because they are traveling for ‘business’. 
We had a chance to demonstrate how Cathay Pacific’s new enhancements have been thoughtfully chosen to help re-invigorate passengers so that they are ready to experience whatever awaits them in their journey, no matter their purpose of travel.  

The campaign - “Let Your Senses Guide You” - centred around the fact that every journey, at its heart, is a sensorial experience. And with Cathay Pacific, your sensorial experience begins from the moment you step onboard. 
The campaign included digital, print and social media assets that enticed travellers to find out more about the new Hong Kong Flavours dining menu, 400-thread-count organic cotton bedding, and the aromatic ingredients featured in the new Bamford amenity kits. 

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