OPPO wanted to launch a new phone 'Canvas'  as the recognised premium and design-centric series, to enable them to compete with leading premium brands. This was a huge brand image shift for them and a challenge they were ready to accept. This was a simple phone with few but powerful features. And we realised that's exactly what we wanted to achieve in our design. Simple, elegant but powerful.
We used powerful eye catching imagery with simple lines and typography to elevate the product and brand image.

Design 1 – 'Elegance in Simplicity'
Design 2 – 'Elevate'
Logo design for Info-communication Media Development Authority
The world of media and communication is ever changing and dynamic. We created a logo that represented that behaviour at its best. A logo that never stops and never never looks the same.
Poster design for a government initiative
Singapore has always been an open economy and society, with founding fathers of immigrant heritage, and a population that comprises of a third ‘foreigners’. In recent times however, Singaporeans have become concerned about the influx of foreigners. The challenge was to encourage goodwill and friendship and make Singaporeans understand that diversity is their strength and not their weakness. 

So we created a series of posters that communicate that we live amongst true integration present in our daily lives. And what better examples to show than food, because nothing brings Singaporeans together like food.

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